Aug 15 Gathering with Love

  Last night, UnFuckers from all over the world gathered together to share a moment, to share the love, and to share our grief and struggling.  Three days ago an awesome UnFucker, Madtom, left this reality for his next adventure.  He is loved and will be missed by many.  We also share together our thoughts and ideas and supported one another through our own personal journeys and struggles.  It was 3 hours of pure love…. and laughter too.   love d     Like 0

C60 Q&A- August 8th 2018

Wednesday night we held the first Private Members discussion to talk about C60 in an open Question & Answer video call. If anyone has any questions, or would like to share information, research and personal experiences, please do not hesitate to use the Forum.  We are hoping to create  an archive of personal experiences for the purpose of research. love d PS: all registered members of UnFuckers Unite are already members of Gaea’s Garden Private membership- just register as an UnFucker with the same user name and email:         Like 0

UnFuckers Movie Night: Jupiter Ascending

  Is it a planted narrative or a deeper look at what is?  Jupiter Ascending was created by the the Wachowskis who also created The Matrix movies, Cloud Atlas, and V for Vendetta, all of which carry a radical message that rings true for many people as they wake up to realizing that this reality just isn’t what it seems. Jupiter Ascending is another one of those movies with some very interesting subtle pieces that slip by without you even noticing. Every time I watch it, another piece of the puzzle drops into place. This is our post movie discussion among the …

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UnFuckers Movie: The Dark Crystal, 1982

Last night’s UnFucker Movie Night we watched the epic classic Jim Henson movie: The Dark Crystal If you haven’t seen it, or haven’t seen it in years, I highly recommend watching it (again)!!!  I haven’t seen this movies in years and year and the piece openly discussed in the movie are just amazing!! I will be creating a database for the UnFuckers movie night films on UnFuckers Unite for members to watch…. it may take a few days to get it up and running, lol, but for those who want to watch The Dark Crystal before listening to our post …

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UnFuckIt Discussion, April 11 2018: Sulfur, and programming water

  Last night’s discussion blasted off into a deep conversation about “WATER”- as programmable,  a transmitter, a receiver,  and a medium of quantum entanglement.  It was definitely a WOW night!!  I’ve separated out the first section about Chemtrails and Sulfur – that video will be available to the public later today.  But here is the entire UnFuckIt discussion from last night!   love d       Here is the Sarah Westall Interview about Water from last week, that Ben and I are discussing during this conversation:   Like 0

UnFuckIt discussion April 5th 2018

Here is the Archive Video of last night’s UnFuckIt Discussion 😀  and all the links below: love d   Links from this UFI Discussion:   Like 0

Quintessentially Whole- April 1 2018

Quintessentially Whole, April 1 2018- Ann Callaghan and dani arnold mckenny are joined by one of our favorite researchers Phillip to discuss: hydration/dehydration, nutrition, our desperate state of mineral deficiency, Lectins- “the plant paradox”, C60, and even the dreaded “Urine Therapy”… but with a new twist! Quintessentially Whole, April 1, 2018 Like 1+